5 Free Design Resources for the Non Designer

5 free design resources

I’m in the cradle stages of turning Koneko Kawaii from a part-time hobby into a successful, small business. Koneko Kawaii as a business is geared towards selling Creative, Cute, and Stylish Boutique Crochet Fashions and Accessories for adults. The blog side of Koneko Kawaii is going to be a mix of crochet, supporting creative endeavors, a little bit of life, and sharing small business tips and inspirations.

I’m blogging about the last bit because, as someone attempting to start a business of my own, I’m starting to see first hand the overwhelming sea of information there are for potential small business owners. What I have to share with you is from my own experience, research, trial and error. These resources have been helpful for me. I hope they’re helpful to someone out there.

If you’re starting a business or blog of your own, you’re eventually going to need graphics. I’ve compiled a short list of useful resources with the non graphic designer in mind.

The first resource to come to mind for me is Canva. This resource is a web browser- based design tool, perfect for creating web banners and graphics for all of your social media platform. Canva is what I used for all of my web graphics, this has become my favorite go-to for creating. Learn more about design with this great article from Canva.

Sometimes you need a more flexibility and features than web-based photo editors. GIMP is an OpenSource photo editing software that is quite the powerhouse for the price. I used it to design my beautiful business cards, and will continue using GIMP for all of my printed graphic needs. Even though it’s more preferable for those with some design background, I’m adding GIMP to the list because once you’re worked your way around the how of how to use it, it’s indispensable.

Between Canva and GIMP, you’re set for photo-editing, but first you need some high-quality graphics to design your logos and banners. That’s where Vecteezy comes into play. I’ve used them countless times for beautiful, high-quality vector art. These same folks also run Themezy and Brusheezy, for even more resources.

Unhappy with the ho-hum selection of typefaces offered by your computer? Check out MyFonts I’m a certified typophile, addicted to downloading fonts. When I needed just the right typeface for my business cards, MyFonts had what I needed. To learn more about fonts and typefaces, check out I Love Typography

DeviantArt it a wonderful all around community for artists, it also contains an enormous sections for stock photography, resources, and tutorials. As with any free resource, respect the designer’s wished concerning giving proper credit and copyright. With this in mind, DA should be a great resource to find what need, and perhaps some design inspiration along the way.

I hope this list helps in your endeavors. If ever I can help more, please feel free to message me anytime! Best of luck with your business!

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