Happy Christmas!

I’ve been quiet here but busy off of here. The past month and a half has been a whirl of crocheting presents which of course I could not share online. With the big day finally here and all the gifts given, I’m back to creating, designing, and crocheting for Koneko Kawaii.

I’ve also been working hard on background things which will make my creations that much better. Throughout the coming year, there will be many more updates and you’ll all get to see what I have in mind.

In the meantime, here is something I did for fun.

On Thanksgiving during the Macy’s parade, they had a float with Pikachu holding a snowman Pikachu. I thought it was absolutely adorable and set out to crochet my own.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Koneko Kawaii!

Crochet Pikachu Snowman Amigurumi


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