Happy 2017!

While I haven’t been quite up on my crochet entity know as Koneko Kawaii, I have been busy in other ways. 2016 brought on the arrival of motherhood for the first time! Last October I gave birth to my beautiful boy Paul Heinrich. Throughout my pregnancy I had lost the energy ( as many pregnant women can attest to ) for things I had once done, namely crocheting and creating.

When I first started Koneko Kawaii I wasn’t sure the direction I wanted to take this; all I knew was that I wanted to make cute creations via crochet. So from her I did. Hats and beanies seemed to be the main direction of my interest. After much tinkering in other areas I was ultimately drawn to amigurumi and doll-making.

The arrival of my son has brought with it a renewal of the energy I had lost (you’d think it’d be the other way around). It was as though this precious new life became my muse. I’m flowing with creative energy and ideas, and I can’t wait to express them! Though I’m still unsure as to where I’m going to take Koneko Kawaii, what I have decided is to let it morph organically. In the coming months and through the year I’ll be sharing my ideas and creations both on here and social media. I’ll also be tweaking Koneko Kawaii as I go. I look forward to seeing where my visions take me. Until then, Happy New Year’s from Koneko Kawaii <3

Mother and Son
Mother and Son

Netflix & Hooking Hat — Free Pattern

Living in Tidewater, Virginia, you never know what sort of weather to expect during the non-summer seasons. This time last week you’d never know we had snow. In this area, a mere dusting of snow qualifies everything to shutdown–including my workplace. What better time curl up in pj’s, throw on the Netflix, and breakout the Hooks? I decided to rekindle my on-again, off-again love affair with Netflix by delving into Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

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Happy Christmas!

I’ve been quiet here but busy off of here. The past month and a half has been a whirl of crocheting presents which of course I could not share online. With the big day finally here and all the gifts given, I’m back to creating, designing, and crocheting for Koneko Kawaii. Continue reading “Happy Christmas!”

5 Free Design Resources for the Non Designer

5 free design resources

I’m in the cradle stages of turning Koneko Kawaii from a part-time hobby into a successful, small business. Koneko Kawaii as a business is geared towards selling Creative, Cute, and Stylish Boutique Crochet Fashions and Accessories for adults. The blog side of Koneko Kawaii is going to be a mix of crochet, supporting creative endeavors, a little bit of life, and sharing small business tips and inspirations.
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Eye See You!! Eyeball Beanie Pattern — HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Eye See You Beanie!

EYE SEE YOU!! Eyeball Beanie
Adult Hat – Halloween Release

Happy Halloween from Koneko Kawaii! To celebrate, I’m releasing this ghoulishly gross, eyeball beanie pattern for adults. (One Size Fits Most) ***This pattern has been modified slightly from the photos of the original beanie. I’m a newbie at pattern-writing, so if something doesn’t make sense, please don’t hesitate to message me!*** Continue reading “Eye See You!! Eyeball Beanie Pattern — HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!”