Eye See You!! Eyeball Beanie Pattern — HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Eye See You Beanie!

EYE SEE YOU!! Eyeball Beanie
Adult Hat – Halloween Release

Happy Halloween from Koneko Kawaii! To celebrate, I’m releasing this ghoulishly gross, eyeball beanie pattern for adults. (One Size Fits Most) ***This pattern has been modified slightly from the photos of the original beanie. I’m a newbie at pattern-writing, so if something doesn’t make sense, please don’t hesitate to message me!*** Continue reading “Eye See You!! Eyeball Beanie Pattern — HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!”

Wednesday Addams Cosplay Hat

Wednesday Addams Coplay Hat

As mentioned in previous posts, and as you will undoubtedly see throughout Koneko Kawaii, and all of my social media, I’m a huge Halloween nerd For me, Halloween is a lifestyle and everyday is a masquerade. Much of my crocheting focus is going to be not only Halloween oriented, but centered around the art of cosplay. With that in mind, I’ve been working on creating hats for the big kids out there who still love to dress up for any time of year. My first such hat is modeled after miss Wednesday Addams. Continue reading “Wednesday Addams Coplay Hat”

Halloween Swap

Dark & Deadly Halloween Swap

Until recently I haven’t been too active in social media and now  I’ve been crocheting more than ever, I wanted to be more involved in the online crochet community. About a month ago I decided to resurrect my poor, neglected Ravelry account and when I did I discovered the group Dark & Deadly swaps just in time to partake in the Halloween round. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love Halloween. As soon as we were assigned partners, I started creating Halloween goodies tailored to here likings. Although we only needed to craft one thing, I did three (I just couldn’t stop, did I mention I LOVE Halloween?!) Continue reading “Dark & Deadly Halloween Swap”

Skully Shawl — Finished!

Found this pattern a year ago, got asked by a friend to make it for her Halloween costume this year. First time making a shawl or anything more than a hat or scarf really. Some parts of the pattern were a little tricky for me, but I got over those quickly. This pattern was a lot of fun and I would love to do it again. Continue reading “Skully Shawl — Finished!”

Skully Shawl for Day of the Dead

11902264_1485458861773701_4307073244471451882_nWork in Progress commission of sorts for a friend of mine, Skully Shawl for her Halloween costume as a Day of the Dead Sugar Skull. I remember stumbling upon the pattern for this a year ago. A few searches for “skull crochet” lead me to this blogger, whom thankfully also posted this pattern in English. So far, I’ve mostly only done hats and scarfs, a shawl of this caliber is certainly a first for me. There were a few spots which were a little tricky. Once I demystified them, I found this pattern to be not too difficult. It’s almost finished and I’ve really been enjoying making this shawl. I’m ready for more seasonal crochet projects, I’m so eager for autumn and Halloween! Continue reading “Skully Shawl for Day of the Dead”