Netflix & Hooking Hat — Free Pattern

Living in Tidewater, Virginia, you never know what sort of weather to expect during the non-summer seasons. This time last week you’d never know we had snow. In this area, a mere dusting of snow qualifies everything to shutdown–including my workplace. What better time curl up in pj’s, throw on the Netflix, and breakout the Hooks? I decided to rekindle my on-again, off-again love affair with Netflix by delving into Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

Netflix & Hooking Hat Pattern Continue reading “Netflix & Hooking Hat — Free Pattern”

Eye See You!! Eyeball Beanie Pattern — HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Eye See You Beanie!

EYE SEE YOU!! Eyeball Beanie
Adult Hat – Halloween Release

Happy Halloween from Koneko Kawaii! To celebrate, I’m releasing this ghoulishly gross, eyeball beanie pattern for adults. (One Size Fits Most) ***This pattern has been modified slightly from the photos of the original beanie. I’m a newbie at pattern-writing, so if something doesn’t make sense, please don’t hesitate to message me!*** Continue reading “Eye See You!! Eyeball Beanie Pattern — HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!”

Wednesday Addams Cosplay Hat

Wednesday Addams Coplay Hat

As mentioned in previous posts, and as you will undoubtedly see throughout Koneko Kawaii, and all of my social media, I’m a huge Halloween nerd For me, Halloween is a lifestyle and everyday is a masquerade. Much of my crocheting focus is going to be not only Halloween oriented, but centered around the art of cosplay. With that in mind, I’ve been working on creating hats for the big kids out there who still love to dress up for any time of year. My first such hat is modeled after miss Wednesday Addams. Continue reading “Wednesday Addams Coplay Hat”

Pumpkin Puff Slouch

Pumpkin Puffy Puff Slouch

As part of of goal to Crochet a Hat a Day, I chose this easy breezy puff stitch slouch for my second hat. This is my first time doing a puff stitch anything. I love how fast it worked up! I’d love to experiment much more with the puff stitch for hats. I think this makes a lovely accessory for autumn. This could be a potential go-to pattern for making a pumpkin hat, or an acorn hat. I found this free pattern from B. Hooked Crochet. It was an easy pattern to follow for those wanting to give the puff stitch a try. Continue reading “Pumpkin Puffy Puff Slouch”