5 Free Design Resources for the Non Designer

5 free design resources

I’m in the cradle stages of turning Koneko Kawaii from a part-time hobby into a successful, small business. Koneko Kawaii as a business is geared towards selling Creative, Cute, and Stylish Boutique Crochet Fashions and Accessories for adults. The blog side of Koneko Kawaii is going to be a mix of crochet, supporting creative endeavors, a little bit of life, and sharing small business tips and inspirations.
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Taking Etsy off of Koneko Kawaii

A small update. After carefully considering how best to go about selling my work, I have decided to take my Etsy store off of this website so that I might build a better store to my liking here. I am still keeping my Etsy store, it just will no longer be a page on this website. It’s great if I get business from Etsy, but I would much rather it come straight from Koneko Kawaii!

Reimagining Koneko Kawaii

Koneko Kawaii

For the past little while, life has been a tad tumultuous. I turned to crochet for comfort and much needed de-stressing to keep my sanity in tact. I’ve been on and off the Internet for years occasionally sharing my work. Early this fall I made the commitment to get more involved in the crochet community. I’ve since been able to see what a wonderful community it is to be a part of. In wanting to play a more active role, I created Koneko Kawaii as a place to showcase my work. It’s ignited a creative spark in me that I now wish to turn Koneko Kawaii into a small business. I would like for Koneko Kawaii to be about several things. A means of selling my creations. Sharing ideas and patterns. Connecting with great people and contributing to the community. Although I don’t have the end result completely formed in my mind, I have some starting ideas. Continue reading “Reimagining Koneko Kawaii”